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It's the end of a long and wonderful journey.  We bought the bus near Denver, CO almost ten years ago.  We started the conversion, slowly at first, then after a couple of years, we spent an entire winter in Florida working hard and getting almost everything finished.  

The bus carried us, full time, on the road, for about six years.  We drove countless miles and enjoyed an amazing adventure. But, life changes, and we have to change with it.  After the two-year-old said to grandma, with tears streaming down her face, "grandma, I don't want you to go," well, that about ended the journey in the bus.  Now life takes on new priorities and new adventures.

The bus has treated us very well.  Basic maintenance and little else has been done.  Somebody asked what it costs to maintain a bus like this.  I don't know.  Some years seem to slip by with a couple of oil changes.  Other times we had to buy tires, or replace a couple of airbags.  We decided that we probably averaged about $1500 per year.  I don't do any wrenching myself.  I built the bus, I can handle electrical, plumbing, construction, etc.  But big oily engines are not my thing.  I only open the back doors to check the oil and coolant, very little else.  Nearly all the maintenance has been done by the Choo Choo Garage in Chattanooga. I highly recommend them.  

It has a queen bed in the back, we're taking our Sleep Number bed, so you're welcome to use whatever queen mattress you like.  There is a huge amount of storage under the bed and under both couches in the front.  There is also a large closet in the kitchen that was designed for a washer/dryer.  The space is there, but we only used it for a pantry.

Here's a list of the assets:

6V92 with Turbo, Low Mileage with Jake Brakes
Allison Four Speed Automatic Transmission
Air Throttle
12K Mini-Split Air Conditioner/Heater. No Rooftops
(8) 6-volt Group Size GC2 Golf Cart batteries
3000 watt pure sine inverter charger with remote
Secondary 24 Volt battery charger
Progressive EMS (Electrical Management System), 50 amp, hardwired with remote
Trailer Hitch for tow-bar
100 gallon Fresh
75 gallon Gray
45 gallon Black
6-gallon electric water heater
Four-foot walk-in shower
Thetford Aria Classic toilet
Residential Refrigerator
4 Fantastic Roof Fans
WeBoost Celular booster
All great tires, two steer tires are new
LED lighting
New Start Batteries
175 Gallon Diesel Fuel Tank
Back-Up Camera
New Brakes on steer axle
New brakes on drive axle
Optional Ready-Brute tow-bar
Optional 3000 Watt Honda generator with 25-gallon gas tank
Optional 2011 Chevy Cruze (our tow car, all set up)

This beautiful bus isn't perfect.  She's a labor of love and she's treated us very well.  The paint is not automotive grade, but it's pretty.  The stainless needs to be polished, and it could use some TLC.  But she's ready to drive, to live in, and go anywhere.  The drive-train is fresh, solid and reliable.  The tires are fresh and loaded with tread.  The rear brakes are brand new and the fronts are nearly new.   It's time for you to take the keys and hit the road with your family.

For pictures and video of the bus build project, click HERE (The build project started white)

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