Full Time!

It's official, we're FULL TIME!
Early in August we got an unexpected offer on our house, actually we got three the same day.
Amy and I, after three months of working in Muskegon and living in the unfinished bus, decided it was probably best to return to our home in Cheboygan after Labor Day and spend another summer (or more) finishing the bus and serving the people we love. On Tuesday morning, July 30th we sat on our couch in the bus and with many tears prayed for God's direction, we were so torn. By 10:00am I called her to say we had an offer on the house, by the time I was home that evening, I told her, "not just one offer but three". To put this in perspective, the economy in Cheboygan is one of the worst in the country and nothing is selling. So three offers is unheard of; and one offer was full price cash!
Labor Day has now past, the house is sold and empty. We sold everything we owned, drove the car back to Muskegon with the few things we felt we needed and we're back in the bus. I have a month or two still here in Muskegon to get my marketing project finished. Also, we plan to have some mechanical service done on the bus plus some new tires before we leave.

Here's the million dollar question: Where do we go from here?

We have no home, no plan, no direction, no ideas. We know we would like to avoid freezing our pipes and tanks, so that usually means something south. We know we need Internet access, even if through our Verizon account. We know we don't want to go terribly far, we will spend a few weeks (without the bus) in Vermont in February.
Ideally, we would like to find someone who would allow us to park, work on our bus, plug in a cord, let us pay for our electricity, and let us be a blessing in friendship. A shed or barn with a place to keep our tools out of the weather would be almost to much to ask or imagine. We're pretty simple people with very few needs. But, we need a place. A campground for "work camping" is a possibility (we are doing that now), but it might not be ideal to be with rows of campers when we are working on the bus. I think we prefer a back yard or driveway with friends, but we really don't know what we want.

We're looking for new friends, a place to park for the winter months, and hopefully get some work accomplished on the interior of the coach. We would appreciate and value your thoughts, opinions, and ideas for direction.

Dave & Amy

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