Where Are We Going

It's that time of year again. The summer is drawing to a close and the leaves are turning. Our term at the the beautiful northern Michigan campground is coming to a close. Like all summers, it is remembered with fond memories, but as it fades into memory our minds begin to consider what is behind the next door of our lives. We expect we will spend a week or so out west, with our son, in Minot, North Dakota. Then, we will start moving south – someplace. We might actually come back to Michigan before heading south, or we might move south from ND. Either way, we need to get out of the north before out tanks freeze.
Where are we going? We have no idea. We're thinking, we're praying, but ultimately God opens the doors. So here is your opportunity to be a part of God's unfolding plan. He is taking us someplace, we don't know where. But, He uses people just like you to offer ideas, open doors, and open our eyes to new thoughts and places.
So, you decide. Where are we going?
Here is what we generally expect:
We need to keep the bus in an environment that generally stays above 20°F. So, Michigan just isn't going to work for us, and probably not any other northern tier state.
The bus likes to be connected to some form of electricity and clean water source. Ideally it might even have a place to drain the tanks occasionally.
We are not independently wealthy, so we need to find employment that will provide for our needs during the winter and enough for fuel to get us back north in the spring.
We don't have to come back north in the spring, but that's been our typical expectation. However if we don't we will need some time to at least visit our northern kids occasionally.
So, do you have a place to park? Do you know of some enjoyable employment in the area? Do you know a place that needs marketing or consulting? Do you know a church that could use some new life and experience? Give us a call...

Below is a description of our past work history and a little about us (If you don't already know us)
Short version
I carry a CDL, have some heavy equipment experience
I am fluent on almost any computer or software system
I market using websites, SEO, build eCommerce stores, etc.
I love to teach Bible, especially to young people
Amy is computer literate as well
Amy is an excellent piano player, especially loves praise/worship music
We both have two seasons as campground hosts/managers
We both have phone, problem solving, and interpersonal skills
We both have successful sales experience
We both have extensive experience with Christian family training and counseling
I have many years working as a Director of Operations for a public school system managing all aspects of building maintenance, grounds and lawn maintenance, and employee management. Also, during my employment, we did a major commercial building renovation to two large school system academic centers with state of the art computer, communications, and HVAC systems.
After leaving there my wife and I started a business that included importing and marketing high efficiency alternative heating systems. Our business grew to the largest of its kind in the United States and, to this day, we maintain a reputation of integrity, quality, and service.
I still do some marketing, build some interactive data driven websites, and consulting; but that's become more of a hobby than a job.
We have been living full time in our converted motorcoach since May of 2013 and we are throughly enjoying a new kind of hard work. We no longer work for the paycheck, but we are traveling and working simply for the experience of meeting new people, enjoying our time together and enjoying the second half of our lives. Yes, we require compensation for our labor, but it's no longer about the income, the 'things' or the position; It's about building quality relationships, mentoring young people, and leaving behind a better world.
Last summer, while I took on a temporary marketing position for a company in lower Michigan, Amy started helping with the small family-owned campground we were staying in. The campground didn't have the staff to maintain the grounds, often nobody was in the office, and most of the locals didn't even know it existed. By end of summer the place was groomed, visitors were greeted and assigned sites, and the campground became profitable. Now, this summer, we have been recruited to co-host a 100 site campground in northern Michigan. This summer has been a real joy. We staff the front desk, maintain the camp store, clean facilities, maintain lawns, beaches, and roads, dispose of trash, etc. The campers are wonderful, the location over the Straits of Mackinaw is breathtaking, and the work is pleasurable. What more could we ask?
We are seeking a winter commitment someplace in the south or mid-states. We don't mind the cold, but the motorcoach is only comfortable at temperatures consistently above 20ºF. For now we prefer states on the eastern side of the country, but the right opportunity could take us almost anywhere. We are not specifically looking for campgrounds. We would like to expand our experience to include other opportunities.
I love to mentor kids and teens, especially making the truth of the Bible exciting, relevant, and challenging. Amy plays the piano and has a full size piano in the bus. Amy loves to make things better than she found it; including maintaining lawns, front desk, or cleaning. Amy is attentive to details, with experience as a bank teller and in retail. She strives to make people happy and people often comment on her sweet personality. We often find ourselves to be somewhat opposite the stereo-typical gender rolls. She loves raking and working outdoors, where I am comfortable on phones and computers. However, we both are capable and enjoy either .
Through the years we've had a number of challenging people in our home. Some with various addictions, others with dysfunctional families, or just simply homeless. Although not professional counselors, we have spent countless hours teaching, counseling or simply providing a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on. As elders in our local church I regularly taught or encouraged, and often preached. Amy was a music leader and very active with the ladies, hosting Bible studies in our home, teaching, and mentoring. We both miss our friends and the interaction with the people within the church the most. We would like to find a winter season job, ideally with youth, pregnancy related teens, or church ministry teaching / mentoring. However, we will consider all offers. We will be happy helping at another campground or RV park, or something that stretches our abilities and imagination. Give us a call, maybe we could be an asset to your endeavors.

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