What I believe

For instance, the question of eternal security.  I have seen churches split on the subject.  I also understand the importance of the argument.  But when we debate the scriptures we need to be careful of our motives.  Search the scriptures throughly and we will find many scriptures to support an argument on both sides.  There is eternal danger in standing too proudly on either side of that subject.  I take great comfort in recognizing the tension of truths.  Yes, we have absolute security with God.  Yes, God will never let go.  But woe to the person who dares knowingly continue in sin against a Holy God!  

That’s the tension.

I believe that the Scriptures are the written, inspired, absolute truth and is the only authority governing my faith.  

I believe in the three persons of the Trinity; that God the father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit are each separate and yet are one.  Maybe that’s an example of perfect tension of truth.  We can’t fully understand, yet I believe.  

Jesus, came in the flesh, born of a virgin, lived as a perfect human.  He lived as an example of a man, filled with the Spirit, was tempted yet without sin, and ultimately willingly gave His life on the cross as our sacrifice for sin.  He was buried, and in three days was physically raised from the grave, showed Himself to the people, and then ascended into Heaven to sit at the right hand of God.  

I believe salvation comes from believing in Jesus as the Son of God and accepting his offer of bride-ship.  It is not a “say these words” prayer.  Salvation will always begin a life of transformation from sin and starts with obedience in baptism as an example that we are following Jesus in our death to ourselves and sin, our association with Jesus in burial, and our new life with Him in our resurrection. 

I believe in the indwelling of the Holy Spirit for all true believers.  Through the indwelling of the Spirit He becomes our teacher, comforter, and helper.  

I believe in the gifts and fruit of the Holy Spirit, first and greatest being love.

I believe of these truths we must agree to have true unity in the Spirit.

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