Poem from Dad previous Christmas


christmassaviorjesusThis day is special,
As we remember our Lord,
His birth, His Death,
His precious Word.
He took a body,
That He may die,
To pay the price
For you and I.
In propituation,
He gave life anew,
And after that,
He gave me you.
How wonderful,
How much adored,
Are you my love,
and our precious Lord.

The second is titled 'When At Last':
When at last we leave this life
No more trouble, no more strife.
We meet our Saviour face to face,
And realize, t'was by His grace.
A home in heaven, and even more,
We shall meet our loved, who passed before.
Our earthly life will then seem dim,
All this for those who trust in Him.

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