Poem to mom - from Janice

The long, quiet hours of the night, sitting here, watching, waiting, keeping vigil, just being here near Mom during her final hours on this earth seem to have brought out the poet in me. I wrote another poem for Mom during this night. She is still sleeping nearby. It is mostly quiet and peaceful. Last night I sat next to her and began to quote the first scripture she taught me to memorize - Psalm 23.
While I spoke, she opened her eyes a bit and looked across the room and up toward the ceiling. She began to move her mouth as though she were speaking to someone or quoting the passage with me, and then she raised both hands up, reaching toward something or someone. I wondered if she could see the angels in the room around us. I know they are here. She is still with us. Tomorrow is her 88th birthday.
Here is my poem:
Your tasks are all done, your work is complete.
You raised sons and a daughter, you kept your home neat.
You taught in Children’s Church so many would grow to love Christ
You sang in the Choir about how his love sufficed
You were the very best cook, Grandpa loved the food so much
He took the recipes and made a book.
You made lots of clothes and sewed up a storm
Many a grandchild had a quilt or an afghan of some form.
The pictures you stitched still adorn the wall
As all can see when they walk down the hall.
You planted and grew so very much food
And filled lots of spaces with the tomatoes you stewed
And all of the other veggies like green beans
You canned them all so you could feed us as teens.
You opened the doors of our home to many a missionary
Who preached in our church as a stop on their itinerary.
You worked hard all your life and gave all your best.
You can go to sleep now, you earned your rest.
Rest in the arms of your sweet Lord.
His waiting now with your reward.
We’ll miss you, Mom, but we’ll let you go, we won’t cry,
‘Cause we’ll see you soon in the sweet bye and bye.

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