Tribute to Mom - from Janice

A Tribute to My Mother
You taught me how to walk and then you taught me how to talk. You showed me how to cook and showed me how to enjoy a good book.
You taught me to love and to look to God above. You showed me just how to care and made me learn how to share.
You were my model in all things. To me you were even like an angel with wings. I always wanted to be just like you. I wanted only to be a wife and mother too.
I learned from you almost everything I know. School filled in some gaps; the essentials I learned from you though.
You were selfless and sweet, and never showed a bit of conceit.
You taught me how to laugh and cry. And now you teach me how to die.
I would have liked to keep you here, but you left me Mom so long ago. The disease robbed us of you and left us full of woe.
You disappeared before our eyes, we watched you fade with some surprise that the woman we loved could be gone and we were left with her body, a mere pawn.
Yet on some level we still see a glimmer, but it is fading, becoming dimmer and dimmer.
Now we must draw on the power of selfless love you taught. We must let you go and not be distraught. You want to go, you have made that clear, even though we hold you dear.
I have never achieved my goal of being you, perhaps I will before I’m through. Perhaps by allowing you to part, I can really show my loving heart.
I love you Mom,
Janice Clark

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