The Selling of our Car

We are happy to report that our car left this morning. We didn't get what we had hoped, actually we took quite a loss, but we are learning it isn't all about us and what we would like or hope. We know God knows our needs better than we do and the person that bought our car also had a need that we were able to fulfill. I told her she was an answer to prayer because we needed to sell our car before we left and she also shared her story. We were getting concerned that we would be leaving, and that our car would have to stay here unsold. It has been listed for about 3 weeks and only had 2 calls. We kept dropping the price and still no calls. It ended up selling $1800 less than where we had first set our price. And no, our starting price wasn't too high or unreasonable. Yes, we are learning more and more to trust, it isn't all about money in this life. It's about trusting that our Heavenly Father promised to take care of us.


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