Left Pennsylvania

Got out of Pennsylvania successfully, yet with some fears. The small mountains were steep and the road curved from side to side like a snake in the grass. The hills were slow to climb, some at 15mph. Yet the fear was in the descending. How fast do I allow it to roll? How hard should I brake? Will the brakes hold? What if someone stops in the road to turn? The wheel was heavy and my hands hot with grip. But after about 20 seemingly endless miles, we dove onto more four-lane, safer road. Often the hills were still slow, but the decent was more predictable and gentle. The weather was good and in our favor. I had to stop during sunset because of the blinding sun in the west. But the rests were frequent and welcome. I took a doze when I could and then drove into the night. The traffic was light and the night air was clear. The bus loved the cool crisp air and I loved the open road. I did stop around midnight for a snooze then was back in the seat by two-thirty. The hum of the big wheels was like music to my ears. There were times that I didn't see a tail light or head light for many minutes. I had the road to myself. Since owning the bus I had not yet had the freedom to fully put the hammer down and let the wheels have their way. Besides, Amy was sleeping and not offering her advice to slow down. So roll we did! It's good to feel the magic as our air bags float us along through the dark night into the unknown darkness. Night Driving has such a air of freedom and quiet solitude that the drive was nothing less than a pure joy. By morning were just a stone throw from the Tennessee state line, only hours from our destination. Thank You LORD for the gift of a good drive, good weather, and good roads!

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