Leaving Chattanooga

We will miss the incredible sunrises and sunsets out our front windows and the sounds of the river gently splashing against the rocks below our wheels, but it's time to move slightly south tomorrow. The view of the Tennessee River directly out all three sides of our bus and almost directly below the front bumper has been awesome for the last week or so. Has given us some much needed time to unwind and get some work done. I've caught up on many websites, and even had some time to do some personal writing.

We will spend a couple days at the bus spa to get some mechanical systems checked over, then we will begin our journey through Georgia into Florida.
We have big expectations for Florida. We want to get lots of work done on the raw interior of our coach, but also it's time to get back to income producing work. It's easy for me to get distracted by the fun work (interior construction) and ignore the income work. My father would say, "time to buckle down".
I also hope to find time to enjoy the ocean. I know we will be only a short distance from the Gulf but I don't know yet if there is any open, easy access for country folks like us, or if it's all commercialized. We went to Miami once and couldn't find the beach (go figure). Apparently it isn't like Sturgeon Bay where you take off your shoes and climb over the sand dune.
So with hopes and dreams we will once again start the big diesel tomorrow and move just over the Georgia state line.

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