The Destination

People frequently ask us our destination. The answer isn't easy. The destination IS the journey. The direction changes like the weather and often changes because of the weather.
We're not on a permanent vacation, we're not tourists, we're not retired. We work and need time everyday to do the things we need for our clients. We have already found that we are getting behind with important work when we're on the road. When we stop it's important to have access to our Verizon signal or some kind of WiFi.
It's true that we have the awesome privilege of changing the view out our living room and office windows, and we're able to attempt to stay ahead of the weather changes. But our destination? That's the journey, the only physical location that matters is being beside my wife, in our home on wheels. That could be the back yard of a friend or a campground, maybe a truck stop, or even a repair garage, but THIS is home...where the wheels touch the pavement. THIS is the destination, the life of freedom, the life of struggle, the life of absolute Trust in Devine guidance. We go, He leads.

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